MEASURING HR EFFECTIVENESS : Certified Human Capital Analytics Specialist

Event on January 23rd, 2018
Trainer: Bpk. Bima Hermastho
*Certified Human Capital Analytics Specialist*
Tanggal  : Selasa 23 Januari 2018
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HR leaders help drive business performance by delivering competitive advantage through people. Performance relies on measures, so you need to be adept at planning and interpreting your organization's "people metrics." This requires a solid grasp of HR analytics: the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data designed to improve decisions about talent and the organization as a whole. The use of analytics is changing the way HR professionals quantify the value that people—our biggest asset—have on the organization's ability to succeed in the market or in its mission.
In this course, based on the expertise of Dr. Bima Hermastho a solid Senior Global HR Consultant, you take a strategic view of your organization's use of HR data and its measurement systems. The course prepares you to determine the HR metrics that align with your company's strategic goals. It explains the characteristics of high quality data and equips you to find and collect that data, inside or outside your organization. It provides a high-level introduction to common analysis techniques and some mistakes to avoid when interpreting data, or when assessing reports and interpretations offered by others. In the final section of the course, you will learn to take the results of your data collection and analysis and communicate your findings in a compelling manner so that change follows.
Your ability to think strategically about people analytics will help you capture and keep the attention of your senior leadership, and will support more informed, evidence-based decision making in realms that extend well beyond the human resources office.
This course is ideal for experienced HR professionals and HR leaders participating as strategic partners in their organizations. It is also excellent for anyone in HR seeking to become more adept at collecting and using quantitative data for decision making.
*Data Skills*
Data skills that will help you to provide strategic data in your HR fuctions and whole organization.
*Determine HR Metrics*
Prepares you to understand the relevant metrics and data requirements relevant to most common types of HR initiatives.
*Quantitative Data for Decision Making*
After this course, become more adept at collecting and using quantitative data for decision making. 
*Improving Organizational Alignment*
HR analytics can improve organizational alignment & understanding by helping discern between beliefs or opinions and facts.  
*HR Analytics Strategy*
Help you recognize the strengths and vulnerabilities of the workforce and predict vacancies and leadership needs.
Identify key metrics that support an HR business case
Identify key stakeholder influence and power relationships that impact on support for business case initiatives
Use both qualitative and quantitative measures to influence decisions
Understand the concept of return on investment (ROI) and its practical application in determining and proposing value
Course format inclusive of facilitator-led discussion, individual and group activities, group discussions, skills practice, templates and resources.
Software, Human Capital Dashboard, Ebook People Data & Analytics

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